Real Estate Agent FAQ

Here you will find the list of most frequently asked questions about Dynasty RE Online business model:

  1. Are you really paying 100% commission on each and every transaction?
    Yes, guilty as charged. We pay one hundred percent commissions to all agents, no exceptions for as long as you are working with us. We keep only $495 broker transaction fee and the rest go directly towards your paycheck.
  2. How can you afford such commission structure, my broker said that there is no way I can get 100% for another year and I have to sell X number of properties to be even considered for a raise?
    We don’t want you to spoil your relationship with your existing broker but we can afford paying you one hundred percent without any sales quotas or tricky employment terms. You will get paid as a superstar from the very first day of working with us. We can afford such generous commission structure because we managed to kill our overhead by eliminating office expenses.
  3. Does it mean I will not have a personal cubicle?
    We do not provide with cubicles but you are welcome to have one in your home or share an office with anyone you like. We don’t believe in the importance of the broker’s physical office. Yes, traditional brokerage houses operate from a fancy office. However, with all the advantages Internet and modern communication networks have to offer, we simply maintain a small office needed for your support. You make your money in the field, and you spend your money and time in the broker’s office. Most productive agents operate from their home office; it has been proven to work best for years.
  4. Can you guarantee me that you will not charge me any monthly fees?
    Yes, here it is in writing. By not having a fancy office we eliminated most of our overhead and waived to all monthly fees bye-bye. You are free of any monthly fees.
  5. No hidden fees, right?
    Nope, unless they are so well hidden that even we are not aware of them. Just kidding. Seriously, no hidden fees. In fact, here are all the fees. $495 Broker Fee. $125 for E&O Insurance paid per transaction (this does not go to the Broker). Optional $245 Transaction Coordinator fee if you choose to use our TC. Other than that…you keep all your money.
  6. I am a new agent and I want to make 100% commissions, but I need training. What do I do?
    Join online and we will provide you with all the training a traditional broker would. You are welcome to use our support and we will expertly guide you through your first transaction(s) to ensure that you get your commission check fast.
  7. How long does it take to get my commission check?
    We cut your checks the same day we get them from Escrow. We can mail it to you, overnight it to you, or you can pick it up from our office…Needless to say, you get your checks FAST.
  8. Can I refer my clients to a particular mortgage broker?
    Yes, we have in-house mortgage professionals who will process all documentation fast. This is a fantastic opportunity to keep your clients happy and make sure that you are in the loop on all details of the transaction. You also can benefit from referral fees.
  9. Do you have any sign up fees?
    Nope, just simply fill out the online form and we will be glad to enroll you.
  10. Can I refer other agents to join you?
    Yes, absolutely!
  11. Do you offer Transaction Coordination Service?
    Yes! All subsequent use of TC service is $245 per transaction. Once again, the use of the TC service is purely optional.
  12. I am outside of your servicing area. Can I still join your Company?
    Yes, however if you are outside of our servicing area we will ask you for a $200 refundable deposit to offset fees to your local real estate association. This deposit will be refunded to you in full after the completion of your first transaction.