Beat Economic Downturn in Real Estate

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Let’s face it, California’s real estate is not where we want it to be. Today we see fewer buyers, the qualifying process has become more scrupulous and time consuming, we know that real estate prices are falling and only can hope that this will stop at some point, we have the record foreclosure rates, sellers are unsure whether it is a good time to sell and most of them are losing their equity, the tax credits will run out in April, Californians’ income at its lowest and to top it all off we have the highest unemployment since the Great Depression.

Real Estate Agents Confidence Factor

These are serious factors but we refuse to give up. While we can’t change our economy overnight, we can change the way we conduct business in this economy. This largely depends on real estate agents’ ability to generate income while operating in today’s environment. One of the most detrimental factors to real estate career success is agent’s attitude. If a salesman, in this case a real estate agent, can’t make adequate living and not enjoying his/her job, they quickly become unproductive and that in turn reduces the volume of sales. Take this into equation across the entire state of California. If you have uninspired realtors who are totally discouraged from conducting their business it only will lead to further reduction of the volume of real estate transactions in the entire state.

We Are Helping Real Estate Agents in California

We are doing our little part in helping California to rebound by establishing an environment where agents can make a solid living and can project confidence to their clients and prospects. Beating economic downturn in real estate starts with agent’s outlook on the situation itself. Of course, we can’t solve all the problems we are facing, but by doing our little part we help our real estate market to rebound.

Better Income Through Full Realtor Commissions

We pay our agents a full, 100% commission and retain only $495 per transaction, no matter how large it may be. No fees, no sales quotas, best support and assistance they can expect from a real estate broker. All our efforts and policies are aimed at empowering each and every agent to perform their best and this is our honest effort to keep our California real estate market going.

Gain confidence by securing your income. Join us.

Dynasty RE Online Real Estate Team