Real Estate Agent Earnings

Recent decline in real estate agent earnings has raised some important questions about the future of realtor’s profession and earnings potential. Much of what we knew about real estate market seemed to be proven wrong in the past couple of years and many realtors feel uneasy about their commissions and the status of the market. While some are busy selling discounted properties and dealing with more stringent buyer approval guidelines, others are struggling to survive. Let’s face it, we never had the time where all licensed agents made money. This is how real estate works – if your want to make it in real estate you’ve got to hustle.

real estate agent earnings

Decline In Earnings Per Transaction

And most are hustling but the money is not the same. There are plenty of reasons for that, stagnant market, joblessness, lowered real estate pricing, overflow of inventory and more stringent funding approval requirements to name a few. What it comes down to that the dynamics of real estate agent earnings potential has changed. Now it is numbers game more than ever because real estate agents receive less money per transaction.

A Solution To Real Estate Agent Income Potential

Dynasty Online addresses the problem of real estate agent earnings through 100% commission split payable to all agents. This is a huge boost to improve your personal income potential. The major success improving your earnings is to stay active in this market. To do that you have to understand that needs and wants of your prospects have changed and people are not looking at real estate the same way they have perceived it two years ago. That’s why your marketing and prospecting techniques and even showing the property have to be adjusted to the today’s demands of buyers and sellers. But most important and it can’t be stressed enough you must stay active in the field instead of staying in the broker’s office.

Another important factor to earnings of real estate agents is the fact that most pay recurring broker fees. In combination with reduced income potential these fees add up and may create a substantial reduction in earnings for less productive agents. Such environment diminishes confidence and leads to further reduction of productivity producing “catch 22” effect. With Dynasty Online agents do not pay any recurring fees and only pay a small $495 per transaction.

Local Opportunity To Improve Earnings Potential

In areas like Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County and San Fernando County where real estate market significantly shrunk due to high unemployment numbers this policy works as great stabilizer in realtor’s income.

Whether you are a beginner agent or a real estate veteran you certainly want to cut all unnecessary splits and fees that are coming out from your paycheck. You want to invest this money in yourself, in marketing, prospecting, and making yourself visible in your community. You are in a business for yourself – your broker is there to provide you with support you need. We train new agents making sure that they quickly transition to the next step and can successfully conduct business on their own.

We assist experienced realtors with a support they need at no charge, but we also encourage everyone to become self sufficient because that is a sure way to improve your earnings and establish a solid transaction pipeline.