New Type of Real Estate Broker

California real estate market has drastically changed in the past two years. We are faced with new economic environment and that requires a new, fresh approach to the business of real estate.

new type of real estate broker

Avoidance to face new challenges is costing most California realtors reduction in income and a decline in business volume. What can be done to address these issues of economic insolvency which is a direct result of unscrupulous policies implemented by politicians? One thing is certain; we can’t wait for our officials to start making all the right moves to return California to its previous status of ninth largest and prosperous economy in the world. As realtors, we have to aggressively address our business strategies and create an environment allowing both agents and clients to conduct business today and leave a happy wishing of a better tomorrow to people who believe in clichés like “oh, it will rebound some day”. Even if it will, the question is “when?” And even more important and more insightful question would be, “how?”

We are not about doom and gloom; but we also refuse to bury our head n the sand. We are about TODAY’S BUSINESS. We took a realistic and constructive approach to help California real estate agents to make the most money TODAY, not TOMORROW. We are Dynasty RE Online and we have adopted a new business model which allows real estate agents to excel now.

With us agents come first

With us agents come first. This is our credo. As a real estate broker, we are perfectly clear that our productive agents are our biggest asset. To counter the economic issues we took a strong position in paying full, 100% commissions to all real estate agents. We eliminated all monthly broker fees, we created efficient, fast and reliable broker support system allowing our agents full independence and mobility. We have in house mortgage division. We provide all agents with training and broker assistance. We threw out nonsensical terms like “sales quota” and “franchise fees”. We keep continuously improving upon what we have already accomplished.

All these steps have created a special oasis-like environment for our agents, where they can be assured of their income potential and they do not have to stress out about fees or being constrained by broker’s office policies. This in turn is serving our agents as a confidence builder and invigorates their level of activity which produces more sales and generates more leads.

This is a new business model of today’s real estate broker – lean, fast, effective, efficient. We are committed to our agents’ success and we never stop fighting for their right to make a living, even in the hardest of times.
Join us today.
Dynasty RE Online Real Estate Team