The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Commission Split – 100% Real Estate Commissions

100 percent commission splitThere has been a lot of buzz lately in real estate about the new type of compensation structure to real estate agents. Yes, we are talking about 100% real estate agent commission split to all agents, something that just a couple of years ago would be perceived as heresy by most brokers but in the current market conditions it makes a perfect sense. Not only that, it looks like it has become the winning business model of a modern real estate brokerage.

Let’s look a few years back where California real estate prices and demand where at their highest. Most brokers didn’t experience any problems with cash flow and that allowed one very dangerous trend to get out of hand. What’s that trend? Overhead. To impress their clients, most brokers were throwing their money at prestigious office locations, unnecessary meeting rooms, impressive office furnishings and other accessories that would portray their business as a model of financial success. This was considered to be a wise business investment. Little did they know, although they should have, that this abundance of cash flow was about to end.

Suddenly, the golden age of California real estate market came to a dead stop and brokers ended up left with an unsolvable dilemma – overhead. Someone has to cover the office lease, the bloated staff and the outdated agent support systems. When you see fewer transactions every month and the greatly diminished size of every transaction, you have to do something. Well, most brokers didn’t. They simply said, “I guess our agents will cover that, they did it in the past, anyway. So, no biggy.” But such thinking is not the way to treat your agents, especially at times where real estate agents’ income has become vulnerable to market conditions.

That’s why Dynasty Online has decided to dramatically update its infrastructure to help agents to keep their commissions. First, we killed our overhead, we got rid of all excesses allowing us to eliminate any monthly fees. Yes, it ruffled some feathers of other brokers but with us agents come first. We went even further by paying full 100% real estate commissions to all agents – the ultimate real estate agent commission split.. We have modernized our agents’ support systems and we made sure that all of our agents have necessary tools to keep the highest productivity levels while in the field.

So, when you hear from a traditional broker, “Oh 100% percent commissions, yeah right. There is no way they can make it work without hidden fees!” simply ask yourself, “Who is the person, who claims it’s not possible? What have they done lately to adapt to the current market?” Most likely, the answer is “not much”. The new one hundred percent real estate commissions approach makes a perfect business sense in today’s environment. It has been proven to work well for both an agent and a broker and it sure works better than the old way of doing business.

Join us and start making more money on each and every transaction. Get paid full 100% real estate agent commission split from the very first day of employment. Eliminate all hassles associated with a traditional broker’s office. Gain a competitive advantage by staying more in the field and stop stressing out about paying monthly brokers fees. Become a Dynasty RE Online agent today.