Internet Marketing and Real Estate

online marketing for real estate agentsInternet marketing has become a huge driving force in real estate. It is the main source of leads for most real estate agents and brokers. What about you? Have you been taking advantage of local search optimization, blogging, social media marketing, online networking and article syndication?

We certainly hope so, because if you did, you probably have established a nice stream of fresh leads coming to your email box. But the truth is that most agents still perceive Internet marketing as a secondary priority and unnecessary chore and that makes their lead generation strategies more laborious and less cost effective.

No doubt, online marketing is full of complexities and contradictions because most of the material published online about Internet marketing contains serious errors and in many cases misleading information.

So what a realtor suppose to do? Pay to qualified specialist or try to master mysterious skills themselves? Actually, it may be the mix of both, especially at the beginning. First you need a website, some kind of an online hub where you can tell about yourself, show listings and provide your prospects valuable information on various topics. While most agents have websites, only a few have well-designed portals which stand out from the crowd and are visible to online searchers.

Dynasty RE Online understands the importance of your online visibility and our team is planning to provide all our agents with valuable and accurate online marketing information to help them independently generate quality leads online. With us, agents always come first.

Here is a quick checklist to get started your online marketing campaign:

  1. Is your website optimized? – If you have a website, can you find it online by typing relevant keywords in Google? For example if you type “short sale properties in Rancho Cucamonga” can you see a link to your website on the first page of Google?
  2. If you don’t have a website, do you have at least a FaceBook page, Twitter or MySpace account? If not then you should. Social media websites generate high volume traffic and are being indexed by Google fast.
  3. Do you have a blog? If you have a static website, make sure you have blog installed or linked to your site. Blogs are very effective in online marketing and offer fast and easy new content publishing. Search engines “like” new content and that helps your website visibility.
  4. Do you understand the basics of search engine optimization? If not please start learning at least the very basics of how search engines work and how you can benefit from SEO. Even if you hire an SEO professional to do this for you, you have to be in the loop on what is being done, otherwise you may be not spending your money wisely. You can visit websites such as, or even browse Wikipedia to learn important facts about search engine optimization.
  5. Have you considered online video marketing? – Online video has become very effective in attracting traffic to your website. Here is an interesting fact; YouTube is generating more traffic than Google itself. Consider including video on your website, blog, Facebook and other web portals you may have.

Join Dynasty RE Online – the modern online real estate broker and enjoy our 100% real estate commission structure. We do not charge any monthly fees and help our agents to promote themselves online.