Good News For Real Estate Agents

When confronted with financial pressures most sales professionals tend to lose the winning edge and determination necessary to successfully continue their career. This is also known as “burned out” factor. In real estate more than in any other industry successful attitude depends on how well financially agent is doing. That is especially true due to the fact that real estate agents live by “straight commissions” formula. There is no base pay, there are no steady monthly paychecks; you bank only what you actually sell.

great news for real estate agentsFor the past two years in California agents’ income has dwindled down. Actually, problems started before the big real estate took its dive. Remember the lack of inventory where you had buyers but not enough properties to satisfy the demand? And then faster than you can say “real estate bust” we went into spiraling-down trend where buyers became scarce and sellers were unsure whether it’s a good time to sell. Later, California officially went bankrupt and that certainly didn’t help our real estate market. Many agents simply lost their edge and for some it simply meant getting out of real estate for good.

Dynasty RE Online is making an aggressive effort to stabilize real estate agent income and help you to get that competitive edge so needed in establishing the stream of real estate transaction. The solution is simple:

  1. Free top-notch broker support and training
  2. 100% commissions to all agents (broker takes a flat fee of only $495 per transaction)
  3. No recurring fees of any kind
  4. No minimum sales quotas

This is something to celebrate. By relieving our agents from the burden of monthly expenses we help agents to regroup financially and instead of worrying about monthly budget and low commissions checks, get in the field and earn as much as one possibly can in the current market. And yes, productive agents can make a good living even in today’s market.

Besides, with our commission structure it is simple to figure out what your paycheck will look like. It is whatever you made minus $495 per transaction. Being a realtor is equivalent with being a businessman which means that you are working for yourself, not someone else. As a broker, we assist you in your business and support you every way possible. You are our biggest asset and with our business model we work for you, not otherwise.

That’s why real estate agents are joining Dynasty RE Online. We are the present and the future of real estate brokerage in California. With us, you will become more efficient, more effective, close more sales and make the most money. After all, there is something to smile about even if you are selling homes in California. Let’s get back on track fast!