100 Real Estate Commission To All Agents

It’s official!  US had the lowest month in real estate sales across the country.  What that means to realtors, brokers and agents alike that this substantial drop in real estate sales will affect everyone’s income.  And that takes us directly to a very hot topic real estate commission split.

Yes, we offer 100% real estate commission split to all agents and unlimited broker support.  We also are working to help our agents to promote themselves online.  This new undertaking will help all ages to become more independent in their marketing efforts without any additional fees going to the broker. 

One of the biggest factors when a real estate agent is selecting which broker to work for is marketing.  We are aware of that and we work with our agents to increase their exposure, but as an agent you have to understand that if marketing expense comes out of the broker’s pocket if intraweek you will have to cover it in one form or another.  In most cases, brokers not only cover the marketing expenditures but also add a little on the top.  And therefore as an agent you end up paying more for the marketing than you should have.

There could be an argument raised that promoting the brokerage and having a cumulative marketing budget for all agents should offer bundles of savings to everyone but that’s not entirely true because many agents maintain successful individual web sites which generate leads without relying on brokers marketing plan.  Since the number of individual sales for each and every agent in California has declined, the practical question to ask is, can you sustain yourself while paying 30% of your commissions to your broker?  Unfortunately, for many the answer is no.

hundred percent commissions to real estate agents

There is no need to convince most people that something needs to be done in these critical economic times, to protect their income.  And that is what 100% commission plan offers to real estate agents – a simple income protection plan.

Let’s not forget the fact that your real estate broker is obligated to provide you with guidance and support.  And that means that your broker has to spend money and time on helping you with your performance and accuracy in real estate transaction processing.  Therefore, at least some kind of broker’s fee is a must.  Frankly speaking, during real estate boom in California, most broker fees were not based on economic necessity but on the abundance of money coming in. Now we live in a different realty reality (pun intended).

If you are a real estate agent have you ever thought that your dependency on your broker’s actions can put you out of business?  Because your income is directly tied to real estate market dynamics and when you can hear the word “depression” on mainstream media, you know that they’re talking about your paycheck.

California is one of the few states which was hit the hardest by the real estate market downturn.  That’s why, as a state, we are leading in 100% real estate commission split movement.  That’s why every day more and more real estate agents abandoning commission splits and joined brokerages which offer compensation that is sustainable in these economic times. 

Join the new century online and make the most money on each and every real estate transaction.

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