In House Mortgage Lender

in house mortgage lenderDynasty RE Online provides clients and agents with a full-service real estate package. Our mortgage department operating as M-Power Mortgage Inc. helps our agents and clients to obtain necessary lending in house and eliminates delays so often associated with outside lenders. It helps all parties to complete real estate transactions painlessly, timely and most effectively.

Let’s quickly overview the short list of benefits associated with our mortgage services both agents and clients can enjoy:

Client Benefits:

  1. Easy and expedient processing
  2. Most competitive rates
  3. FHA/VA loans
  4. Conventional to $2million
  5. Hard money
  6. Purchase and Refinancing Funding
  7. Guaranteed Professional Assistance
  8. Access to Lenders Nationwide

Agent Benefits:

  1. Buyer’s financial status prescreening and evaluation
  2. Fast, 24hour pre approval
  3. Agent Referral Fee Program* (RESPA compliant)
  4. Additional Income Option*
  5. Lead Generation Source*
  6. Loan Origination Program
  7. In house 24-48hour underwriting

As you can see having in-house mortgage services is a tremendous help for both clients and real estate agents. As a real estate agent, you can create an extra revenue stream by referring your client to our mortgage department, check whether your client is qualified for real estate transaction before spending valuable time looking for properties the client may not be able to afford, being assured that lending process is done timely and in a professional manner and eliminate possible headaches and delays in real estate transaction processing and most importantly, keep your clients happy by taking advantage of our courteous and professional mortgage services.

Join Dynasty RE Online real estate today, enjoy the highest realtor income potential in the state of California, get the best agent support (we have been in business since 2004) and make your clients happy by offering all-inclusive real estate service.

*Participating in and receiving payments for selling real estate and funding loans in the same transaction has some restrictions from RESPA, HUD, DRE, DOC and other government institutions. The possibility of receiving compensation depends on the loan type.