About Dynasty Real Estate Online

Dynasty Real Estate is a full service real estate brokerage serving California since 2004. We have embraced the new model of real estate brokerage operations and have implemented new financial policies helping our agents to significantly increase their income potential helping to confront the current status of Southern California real estate market conditions.

Operating in the past as a traditional real estate broker, we possess a necessary experience and knowledge to provide all our agents with top-quality support and assistance. Our recent adaptation of an online real estate brokerage business model allows us to bring the best of both worlds to serve our agents. With us, agents always come first.

We believe that one of the main components of realtor success is staying active in the field and we have created an infrastructure allowing agents not to be constrained by the traditional broker office setup and effectively utilize their valuable time. Our support system is designed to accommodate all agents at home and on the road without any sacrifice in its quality.

Southern California Real Estate BrokersOur policies are agent-friendly; we don’t believe in sales quotas or commission structures based on seniority. In traditions of a true American spirit, we provide everyone with equal opportunity to start earning 100% real estate commission from the very first day of employment. We retain only $495 per transaction as your broker and we do not charge any recurring broker fees. Such policies inspire agents to be productive and do not place additional financial stress and as a result our policies increase real estate agents productivity and earnings.

Join Dynasty Real Estate Broker and experience for yourself the difference Dynasty makes in real estate agents earnings and business operations. Get all the benefits of an experienced and caring broker combined with a highest commission structure in the industry. Start earning what you rightfully deserve. Make more and keep more.