Starting Realtor Career – Advice for Beginners

The very first year in real estate presents a real challenge for real estate agents. Realtor career is not likely to skyrocket in a first few months no matter how good you are at selling. Why? In real estate experience is a major factor. If you are a newbie in real estate, please be patient and concentrate on learning first. Of course you have to make money and you need to make money now – it’s a given. But see, if you will get comfortable with an idea that you must learn first, the money will come or at least you have much higher likelihood of making it as a realtor.

tips for real estate agents

It’s not a secret that about 70% of all newly licensed agents quit during their first year. It’s not that they don’t want to succeed. Most agents can’t go on because they didn’t plan for a learning curve timeline and small infrequent paychecks. To make this transitional period smooth and less stressful we offer 100% commissions to all agents. Even the first year you may have only a few transactions you will bring most of the commissions home. This will help you to concentrate on polishing your real estate agent skills and concentrate on building your realtor career.

The best you can do as a new agent is to learn as much as you can from an experienced broker and that is exactly what we offer to all agents. While charging you only $495 per transaction without any commission splits we create environment in which you can invest in yourself while learning how to become a successful realtor. We are happy to share our knowledge with our agent. It is also has become as sound business policy. By investing in your training and helping you to stay in the industry we create a long term beneficial relations with all agents.

Real estate market today is especially challenging to new agents. Fewer leads, lower prices, excess inventory. That’s why you will not find any sales quotas with Dynasty Online. All we ask is be motivated and learn from us. You have studied hard to get your realtor license; you probably have chosen real estate because you want to be independent professionally and financially. That’s fine. We are here to back you up 100%. Keep learning, build your website, create a referral network, get familiar with paperwork and transaction processing. This will help you to build much needed confidence which is very important when working with clients. People want to know that you are an expert in your field and they can trust you. So how can you gain their trust? It is only possible through knowledge and understanding of real estate law, local market, financing and procedures.

The truth about real estate sales success is that you can’t really sell anything to anyone unless your client is interested in a particular property. That’s why many new agents lose their prospects. Instead of identifying their prospects needs and goals and wishes they try to expedite the transaction and inevitably leads to a break up with a client. An experienced agent will quickly identify the true goals of the client, their fears and what are the obstacles that may prevent a deal from happening. If you don’t have a plan how you can help your client, you will not be able to help. And you certainly can’t plan well if you don’t understand your client’s needs.

Join us and we will help you to become a successful agent and accelerate your career while paying you a full 100% realtor commission.