No Recurring Fees California Real Estate Broker

zero fees brokerMost real estate brokers charge their agents monthly fees. This is how it has been done for many years and has been an unchallenged territory until now. Dynasty RE Online has a simple policy of zero monthly fees, none, nada, zero, zilch. We hope this is clear.

Traditional brokers justify their fees due to ongoing expenses they have assumed themselves. Their overhead is simply being passed onto their agents. They have a variety of fees; office usage fees, franchise fees, fax, documentation and phone service fees, cleaning crew fees… you name it – they’ve got it.

From our standpoint it would be quite acceptable if these fees were presented to agents on voluntary basis. Let’s say, if you want to use broker’s office space, you pay $100 per month and if you don’t then do your business at home. If that would be a free choice, most agents would quickly pack their folders and create nice setups in their own homes or share an office space across the street to avoid unnecessary commute and stop wasting their time at a broker’s office. But such choice is not given and for a very good reason. See, the broker has made a decision on how to conduct their business and you, an agent end up paying monthly for the decision your broker has made. What is convenient for your broker may not be very convenient for you, and it is also end up costing you every month. There goes your independence and your income. Is it fair? Only if you are taking advantage of what your broker has to offer. But it is not an offer, if it is enforced by the office policy, it is a rule.

You, an agent are an independent entity, you are your own boss and you run your business the way you seem it fit. This type of understanding is very important to your income. Most successful agents, create their own working style and environment that fits their personality. Agents who rely on their broker for every miniscule detail never achieve higher end of realtor earnings. This is a proven fact.

Ask yourself, “How my monthly broker fees serve me?” and “Do I really want keep paying them?”

Achieve your independence and the highest income potential with Dynasty RE Online. We will provide you with all the support you need avoiding ridiculous constrains and we will not take money out of your pocket every month. Get 100% commissions, spend more time in the field and don’t worry about forking out money every month for services you can do without.

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