California Real Estate Agent Commissions | How to Make the Most of Your Earnings


Many agents in California are looking at ways to leverage their income which has decreased due to the decline in real estate market. One of the most effective ways to quickly balance your paycheck is to increase your commission split from 50 or 70 percent to a cool 100% real estate agent commission.

While traditional real estate brokers only offer full commission split to their top agents a new and striving bread of online real estate brokers offer their agents 100% commissions. At Dynasty Online we manage to pay our agents full commission split without sacrificing quality of broker support.

If you consider that on each and every transaction you have to give at least 30% of your paycheck it becomes quite clear that we are talking about solid chunk of money. For example, if last year your net income was $60,000 and you are getting 70% commission split with Dynasty Online you would make $90,000 while saving time and money on not driving to the broker’s office.

Different strokes for different folks however, and some agents can’ imagine themselves functioning independently. We are not passing the judgment but that is how top earners make money in real estate. As a broker we give you solid tools to succeed what we can’t give you is the desire to succeed. An agent has to acquire this quality on her/his own.

One of the most common misconceptions that was spread by the largest national real estate brokerage chains is the “Power of Branding”. You know, REMax, Prudential, Century21. What a load of you know what! This at best can serve as a crutch for weak real estate agents who have lack of self confidence. It is not the logo, it is not the big brand name – it is YOU who make sales happen. And if you think otherwise, then 70% is the best you ever going to get. Sad but true.

We believe in supporting our agents, training and guiding them all the way. We consider our job to be done when our agents confidently doing their best on the field and their results speak for themselves and we are proud to say they deserve every single percent of that 100% real estate agent commissions!

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