Orange County Real Estate Agents Now Paid 100% Real Estate Commissions

commissions for realtors 100%

What would you do if one day your broker calls you out of the blue and says following, “I have been thinking Joe, for the past several years I have charged you hundreds in monthly fees and we had various commission splits but starting today, I will give you 100% commissions and I will eliminate all the broker fees, because I think it would be a fair thing to do. What do you think?”

You probably would say, “Thank you for your consideration. I like the way you think!” and then you would probably ask your broker what he is taking. It would be a wonderful day‚Ķ

If you are reading this and you are a real estate agent who would like to make a solid 100% commissions on each and every closed real estate transaction, today is this day because Dynasty Online a real estate broker with 15 years of real estate experience is giving you a chance to start earning full real estate commission split and stop paying broker fees. Today! No enrollment fees, no small print. Our offer is straightforward and simple:

  1. You get paid 100% real estate commission on each and every deal
  2. We keep $495 broker’s fee from each transaction
  3. You don’t pay any monthly broker fees
  4. We don’t have minimum sales quotas
  5. We provide you with all documents you need online
  6. We provide you with broker support on the phone and online
  7. You run your business the way you see fit, no broker’s meeting, no coffee machines, no cubicles
  8. We have in house mortgage processing division
  9. We have transaction coordination services
  10. We are 110% behind your success

If you are a real estate agent in Orange County, please consider this offer carefully. With us you don’t have to negotiate your commissions, you don’t have to convince us of how good you are. Simply get paid more after each and every sale.

This is who we are looking for:

If you are a seasoned real estate agent and all you want is more money from each and every sale. If you want a knowledgeable and responsive broker who will make sure that you don’t spend much time fiddling with paper but making more sales, give us a call or sign up online and we will deliver on all our promises.

If you are new to real estate but you want to start your career right and learn from an experienced broker while maintaining your independence and getting paid like a superstar at the start, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to start your realtor career.

We also cover San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties

Dynasty Online

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